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Stone Iris - "Taste of Fame"

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Stone Iris - "Taste of Fame"

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Artist Bio:

Southern Rock from the true north... Reggae music from a cold dark place.

Stone Iris is a brotherhood of like-minded musicians. Playing music everyday and touring are what they live and breathe for. From humble beginnings in Edmonton, Canada, their initial brand of music, a fusion of blues rock with a hint of reggae was created. From there, a common dream was followed and Stone Iris has been blazing their own trail ever since.

Consistent touring, busking, jamming and writing, have allowed the undeniable, yet un-classifiable spectacle known as Stone Iris to fearlessly pursue their craft and passion. With a love for performing, their live show is as honest and original, as it is part of who and what they are. Driven by groove, it makes you move.

Much is in store for Stone Iris in the coming year; including extensive touring, two full length albums and plenty of video footage, so keep your eyes and ears open!

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